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Pacific BabyTM is a social and environmental impact driven company that is leading the category for developing wholesome baby feeding products. We produce a range of natural and / or recyclable baby feeding items. Baby feeding is a US$5 billion industry, and over 90% of the items are made from petroleum-based plastic. This plastic is linked with many health problems in humans, and especially with developing babies, as the chemicals leach into food and cause hormonal disruptions and other diseases. The thrown away plastic items also pollute our oceans and landfills immeasurably as they take up to 1,000 years to degrade. All of this is completely unnecessary - our natural bamboo tableware range is healthy, biodegradable and completely plastic-free, while being strong, sturdy and dishwasher-safe. Our stainless steel bottles keep temperature warm or cold for up to 10 hours, and grow with your baby using different tops.

Aside from being recyclable, they can also be used for many years with their different tops, which means you don't have to keep buying more and more plastic drinking containers, reducing plastic container usage by 80-90%. Parents can be healthier and more environmentally conscious when feeding baby - it's easy, and this is our message for both consumers and retailers!


The Science




Many voices claim that plastics are harmless. Funny enough, many of those voices seem to echo the sentiments of the largest corporations producing baby feeding products. We believe it would be naïve in the extreme to expect a move towards healthier feeding materials through the persuasion of pure science (as a simple review of what it took to get BPA out of baby bottles will confirm), which is why Pacific BabyTM  is hoping parents will hear the message and begin to force healthier change in the industry by voting with their wallets.

It may seem like a long shot, but consider that the movement towards greater demand for natural and healthier food forced a dramatic change in the world’s largest food companies after just a few short years, and we believe the same can happen in the pollutive segment of baby feeding products.





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