FAQ - Bottles & Accessories



Following are a list of frequently asked questions for

Pacific Baby's GroGrowTM and Hot-TotTM Bottles.


  • How long will the temperature keep in your Hot-Tot Insulated Bottles?

Our Hot-Tot insulated bottles are designed to keep water warm enough to make formula for up to 10 hours for the 7oz bottle and up to 6 hours for the 4oz bottle, provided you put in the water at about 85 degrees Celsius (hot enough to make tea). The greatest heat loss (as with any insulated bottle) will be in the first two hours, but then the heat loss slows down a lot. So after 10 hours, your 7oz bottle’s water will still be warm enough to make baby formula. In using your insulated bottle, also note that our bottle does not keep the temperature as long as a bottle for older children with a real insulated cap. This is because our bottles have a baby teat and cap on the top, which allows heat to escape. However, this is normal, because you also wouldn’t want to use water that has been sitting for 24 hours in a steel bottle for your formula anyway, it is not hygienic. So remember, put water in that’s warm enough to make tea, and it will still be warm enough to make formula up to 10 hours later for our 7oz version, and 6 hours later for our 4oz version.

*Always test the temperature of the liquid before feeding your baby to make sure it is not too hot  (also, see packaging instruction).


  • How long can I keep formula or breast milk in the bottle?

Our insulated bottles slow temperature change, but they do not kill bacteria. You should follow the instructions from your pediatrician for breast milk or formula provider on how long you can keep the formula inside. Usually, the formula must be consumed within 1 hour of mixing it. In case of a long outing, you can keep the water warm in the bottle first and then add the formula when your child is ready to feed. According to verywellfamily.com a freshly pumped breast milk can sit out at room temperature at approximately 4 hours! For more information, you can visit verywellfamily.com

*Always test the temperature of the liquid before feeding your baby to make sure it is not too hot  (also, see packaging instruction).


  • Your infant and toddler bottles seem the same size, even though the toddler bottles say they are larger - why is that?

Correct, our infant Hot Tot bottle is listed as 7 oz, and the toddler Hot Tot is listed as 9 oz, even though the vessel sizes are the same. This is because with the infant bottle the density of formula milk powder takes up a good portion of the bottle so that when you mix the liquid it will only be 7 oz of liquid formula. However, in the toddler bottles, where you just add liquid like juice or water, you will get 9 oz in the Hot Tot if you fill to the top. With the GroGrow bottles, it is the same situation for the 10 oz infant bottle and the 13 oz toddler bottle. If you already have an infant bottle for either the Hot Tot or GroGrow, remember you can just purchase a Straw Top to get the extra capacity with your juice. There is no need to purchase a second bottle.


  • Tell us about your teats/nipples?

Our nipples are made in Germany, are anti-colic and comprise a non-collapsible design. The base of the nipples is also high, very clear and you can easily see the formula through it. However, if you don’t like our nipples, we have been told by a number of consumers that other standard wide-neck nipples fit as well - but we are not in a position to guarantee that. But you may try AventTM (ClassicTM and NaturalTM and with their bottle ring), DifraxTM, Born FreeTM, MAMTM, and PigeonTM. Of course, we strongly recommend you use our Pacific Baby nipples.


  • Why do you have a plastic seal around the neck of the bottle?

The pressure of opening and closing the bottle ring on steel will eventually create steel dust residue, which is not very nice. This happens with all steel bottles. By protecting the neck of the bottle with this seal, it prevents the formation of steel dust residue. This is much nicer, and the liquid in the bottle hardly touches the plastic neck seal, although it is BPA-free.


  • Why is the GroGrow better than glass bottles?

Glass bottles are wonderful, but they don’t last long because the baby wants to hold the bottle, and they can easily break. By using a GroGrow bottle you can drop it a thousand times and it will keep on working. You can then change accessory tops as the baby grows, and so use the bottle for a good 5 years or more. Finally, the GroGrow is very light – go ahead and try it with your glass bottles first – you’ll see what we mean!


  • Why does my bottle make a ‘jingling’ sound when it shakes?

The jingle can be caused when the bottle drops hard to the floor. If dropped, sometimes a tiny piece of the weld that seals shut the inner layer of the bottle can break off causing a small ‘jingling’ sound in the bottle. This is of no concern and can happen to any thermos product – not just Pacific Baby. The piece never touches the liquids in the bottle and does not affect the thermos function.


  • I notice my handle rotates quite easily on my bottle - is that right?

Yes - We have specifically designed our handles to rotate very easily. This is because our bottles often contain very warm/hot water, and we don't want our handles to be used as a lever by the child to accidentally open the bottle ring, and possibly spill warm/hot water. It might be slightly inconvenient, but we've found in testing that the bottle sits fine once the child holds it up to drink - it just takes a little getting used to and a small price to pay for added safety!


  • Why can’t I put hot water in the insulated bottle when I use the straw top?

DO NOT put hot water inside the bottle while using a straw top. Very hot water causes a lot of pressure to build upon the bottle. With a baby nipple or any regular thermos bottle top, this will keep the pressure inside. Due to the straw top being designed for easy opening for drinking, the pressure build-up can cause the hot water to spray out when you opened. The straw top is ONLY FOR ROOM TEMPERATURE OR COOLER LIQUIDS.

*Always test the temperature of the liquid before feeding your baby to make sure it is not too hot  (also, see packaging instruction).


  • How do I clean my bottle?

We recommend washing in warm soapy water, however, you can steam or tablet sterilize your bottles, and you can also wash in the top rack of a dishwasher. If you steam sterilizes them, please remove your bottle by the neck after it cools. Design prints will last longer if you wash in warm soapy water. DO NOT BOIL the bottles, as our high-quality non-toxic paint cannot chemically bind with the stainless steel. So boiling will degrade the color coating very quickly. DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR BOTTLE.


  • Can I microwave sterilize my bottle?

NO - It is dangerous to microwave a metal bottle.


  • Are the bottles safety tested?

YES - We take safety testing very seriously. We have tested and passed our bottles against the leading and required safety regulations for both Europe, Canada, and North America. These tests include issues like heavy metals, flammability, toxicity, plastic composition, etc.


  • Are the bottles BPA, PVC, Phthalates and Lead FREE?

YES - This is one of our top priorities.


  • Is it safe to put juice in the bottle as well?

Absolutely. Stainless steel comes in various levels of quality for different uses. We use 18/8 304 stainless steel, which is used typically with kitchen equipment.  It is completely safe to use either with breast milk, formula or juice. There is no metallic smell or chemical reaction with juice.


  • What is the main reason to use a stainless steel bottle?

Stainless steel is a simple and clean material, without a lot of chemicals. It is naturally bacteria resistant, easy to clean, doesn't scratch, and is made with natural materials. Add to that the convenience of a thermal product, this stainless steel bottle offers a lot of advantages.


  • How do I convert my bottle to a sip cup or drink bottle?

You need to purchase a Pacific Baby Handle Set, Drink Top or Straw Top. These use the same bottle ring, but for the All-in-One bottle remember to switch to Lock 2.


  • Do you have a product warranty?

YES - Our GroGrow and Hot-Tot bottle have a one year limited warranty for thermal function and for the plastic neck seal. Our liability for defects in this product shall not exceed it's purchased price.


  • Does the warranty cover the bottle coating design?

No - The coatings are attractively painted and will last longest if you handle with care while washing in warm soapy water. They can be scratched or worn with use, which is normal wear and tear. Remember NOT to boil the bottles. Our high quality non-toxic paint cannot chemically bind with stainless steel, so boiling will degrade the color coating very quickly.

*Like any other baby bottle we strongly recommend to always test the temperature of the liquid before feeding your baby to make sure it is not too hot  (always, see packaging instruction).