Why Bamboo is a Great Material?

Why Bamboo is a Great Material?

These days you are always hearing about the material bamboo. You now see bamboo hardwood floors, bamboo shirts, even bamboo fiber-based socks, and bicycles! Why exactly is bamboo popping up everywhere? Let’s find out!

It’s Sustainable!

It takes 30-50 years for conventional trees to be ready to be harvested again. On the other hand, bamboo trees grow up 1 one meter a day, and within 5 years, the plant can grow up to 200 poles that are ready to harvest again!

With forests that have been deforested, bamboo can be put in place and reverse land degradation. Bamboo also quickly takes in carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen than most trees!


It’s Hardy!

You can grow bamboo trees in about any soil and they can grow in many different environments, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo also doesn’t require irrigation and rarely needs to be replanted.


It’s Strong!

Bamboo is one of the strongest of the hardwoods, even stronger than oak! It has even been compared to steel in tensile strength and can withstand as much compression as concrete!


It’s Safe! 

Bamboo fibers are naturally anti-microbial from natural bio-agents. It’s cellulose-based fibers also make bamboo products fully biodegradable.


Here at Pacific Baby, we recognize these benefits and use bamboo in our tableware and cutlery lines. Bamboo makes our plates and bowls strong and antimicrobial. Because we use all-natural ingredients, our tableware and cutleries are fully biodegradable within a year. You can just plant them in your backyard and watch them disappear!


Check out our tableware and cutlery line and see the benefits for yourself!


Written by Cynthia Coombs

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