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After many years in the baby products industry, Cameron and Lorilyn Honarvar were tired of plastic. Plastic feeding products are sold by the millions every year, none of which are biodegradable or healthy for children.

Having five kids themselves, the duo set out on their own to solve this problem for their own family. Insulated bottles are used prevalently by adults, but few options existed for infants and children. The solution was to make durable, stainless steel baby bottles that are entirely recyclable and are very helpful for parents on-the-go. Steel is also a very clean material with no room for bacteria to hide and is very long-lasting, avoiding the need to purchase multiple plastic bottles over the years.

After lots of blood, sweat, and tears the bottles evolved to their present award-winning form, serving as a great help when parents take baby out for the afternoon, or go traveling, or even for use in late night bedside infant feeding.

As their bottles gained broader acceptance, the couple turned their attention to seeing how infant tableware could be improved. Eating solid foods calls for bowls and spoons, but almost all are made of plastic. Plastic tableware is durable and easy to clean, but just as bad for kids as plastic bottles.

Alternative materials had their own problems; corn starch tended to be fragile, couldn’t survive the dishwasher, and was quite expensive, while silicone just felt sticky and gritty and inappropriate as a tableware. Steel was too expensive, and glass was just too fragile.

Bamboo, however, is a natural, fantastic material that preserves all of the practicality and convenience that parents expect when feeding their baby. Bamboo has been used as a chic way to make tableware for adults, although Pacific Baby’s interest was to develop a natural bamboo range of functional baby-specific tableware. Now in its third generation of bamboo products, Pacific BabyTM is pioneering the use of bamboo as a staple baby tableware material.

In 2016 the Honarvar’s turned their attention back to their bottle range, and determined to bring a quality steel baby bottle to the market for everyday use by mothers. Steel bottles are great for daily feeding too – they are much longer lasting than glass bottles (which are only used for a while because of their fragility), and like the insulated bottles, can use different accessory tops to grow with the baby until five years old.  The Honarvar’s further enhanced their daily use bottles by including a permanent BPA-free plastic neck seal on the bottle which would completely eliminate the creation of steel dust residue – which is a problem for all other steel bottles, and which is something parents certainly wouldn’t want for their babies. This excellent series (the GroGrowTM bottle) became available for parents in March 2017.

At the same time, and for both the GroGrowTM daily use bottles and the company’s Hot-TotTM insulated bottles, the Honarvar’s brought in one of Germany’s greatest nipple manufacturers to make all of the silicone nipples for their bottles. The unique non-collapsibleTM and anti-colicTM bottles are a fantastic nipple for Pacific Baby’s bottle series, and loved by mothers everywhere.

The Honarvar’s are excited to be emerging as the leader in the category for wholesome baby feeding products, and hope to ultimately impact the whole industry by indirectly pushing other feeding companies away from pollutive and unhealthy petroleum-based plastics.

2010 - Extensive R&D to produce world’s best insulated baby bottle.

2012 - 3-in-1 Insulated Baby Bottle launched.

2013 - All-in-One Insulated Baby Bottle launched, the first insulated baby bottle with complete visibility. Patent granted.

2013 - Pacific BabyTM products used by families in 30+ countries.

2013 - Pacific BabyTM wins numerous awards across North America and throughout Europe.

2015 - Pacific BabyTM launches a range of natural bamboo tableware. Completely plastic-free, dishwasher-safe and biodegradable.

2016 - Pacific BabyTM wins multiple environmental awards in North America from Green Scene Mom, BabyMaternity and NAPPA, as well as being recognized as one of the most innovative baby products by the Huffington Post.

2017 – Pacific BabyTM launches the GroGrowTM Steel Eco Bottles and new Hot-TotTM Steel Insulated Bottles, for both infants and toddlers, and with German-made non-collapsibleTM  and anti-colicTM  nipples. Pacific BabyTM also launches its 3rd Generation of natural bamboo feeding items – longer lasting and more durable than ever before, and coming in set packs with eco-friendly packaging.

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