7 Tips for a Greener New year

7 Tips for a Greener New year

7 Tips for a Greener New year!

Another year has come and gone, and now we all are looking for resolutions. While many people consider resolutions for their health, the recent attention of climate change around the world has many people considering how they can have a greener New Year. According to the BLINQ Blog, here are 7 easy ways you can have a greener New Year!


1. Turn off the Tap!

This might be a no brainer, but when you leave the faucet on while brushing your teeth, you wastewater. There are a lot of ways that water is wasted every day, but by being more aware of when the faucet is left on needlessly, water can be saved! Taking shorter showers can also save water, along with upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances.


2. Conserve Energy!

Caulking doorways, buying eco-friendly lightbulbs and even investing into making your own rain barrel are all ways you can save energy. But these aren’t the only ways, consider ways in which you can carpool to save gas, or even save energy by letting more of your clothing air dry.


3. Find eco-friendly apps!

Eco-friendly apps exist! They can help you have fun while you learn how you can reduce, reuse, and recycle more in your own life. Don’t hate it until you’ve given it a try!


4. Give a Hoot, don’t Pollute!

Don’t just dump that old T.V.! Try and spend more time researching where to take and dispose of old electronic devices, cars, and furniture. The extra 2 minutes it takes to google where or how to recycle these items will be worth it for all of us in the long run.


5. Be a sustainable shopper.

It’s 2020, so now is definitely the time to be more aware of the sustainability of the products you purchase from your local supermarket. Whether your buying fruit out of season, an extra tote bag for groceries, or a new whisk, take the time to read where, how, and what the product your buying was made or brought to market. Supporting more ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly products might sound like a chore, or like you need to only shop organic in order to save the Earth! But, it’s really as easy as making sure to buy from reputable sources.


6. Do it yourself!

Everyone loves a fun DIY project! They are also good for the environment! That’s definitely a win-win for you and your greener goals. DIY is fun, and also encourages you to use resources at hand, like a desk made from an old Car door. Or, even floating shelves made from old books.


7. No more Snail Mail

Now is the time to go paperless with your mail! The same junk you get in the mail can be found in a junk or spam folder on your email as well. The only difference is that email leaves less paper waste than actual mail. 

These 7 tips will help you make 2020 a greener year. While you're in the mood for living a more sustainable life, you should also check out our eco-friendly bottles and sustainable bamboo ware! Good luck with your resolutions, and let's make 2020 great.


Written by Madi Schallenkamp


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