10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month with Kids

10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month with Kids

April is Earth Month where we appreciate this incredible planet that keeps us all alive and makes changes in our lives to protect it. Here are some ways your family can celebrate.


1. Take a clean-up hike

A clean-up hike is when you walk through a particular area (it could be wooded trails or your local streets) and pick up any trash or debris you find. Some environmental groups host these, but you just need a partner and a bag to make your community nicer and healthier.


2. Visit a zoo or aquarium

Spending time learning about different animals is a great way to appreciate the planet. During April, many animal centers will have exhibits that teach you about Earth’s ecology.


3. Start a family garden

Gardening isn’t as tough as some people believe, especially when you do it as a group. Pick some easy fruits and vegetables that don’t require a lot of gardening experience. Make sure to plant foods your family likes so you can enjoy them on the dinner table in a few months.


4. Take a family bike ride

Adopting a biking lifestyle is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Plus you’ll be surprised at all the beautiful and interesting things you’ll see close to home when you aren’t zooming by in a car. Many nonprofits hold bike rides for charity on Earth Day.


5. Visit a farmers’ market

Many communities have farmers’ that set up every week during the spring and summer. Most will let you sample their products. You’ll be surprised how better organic and locally grown food tastes!


6. Make your own reusable bags

Plastics are clogging up our landfills, so it’s best to use your own bags whenever possible. Make your own reusable bags at home to bring with you to any store. Here’s a fun recipe that makes a bag out of a t-shirt. Kids can personalize them with decorations.


7. Donate some old items

Every time an item is thrown away, it fills landfills and disrupts local ecology. We can prevent this by using the same items as much as possible. Go through your home and donate things you don’t need instead of throwing them away.


8. Plan a tree

Trees don’t just provide the necessary oxygen. They also encourage plant growth and protect us from the sun. For families, they’re fun to watch grow together over the years.


9. Break your plastic habit

Not only do plastic bottles, cups, and plates clog our landfills, but they introduce harmful toxins to our bodies. Pick up some reusable drinking bottles made from safer materials like bamboo, glass or stainless steel.


10. Set a family challenge

The best way to change is to set goals. Come up with a shortlist of eco-friendly changes you want to make in your life. Design a chart to track your progress. Each week, you can evaluate yourselves. You can either add new challenges each month or each Earth Day.


How will your family be celebrating Earth Day? Let us know!


Written by Cameron & Lorilyn Honarvar

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