Sustainable Living Tips for the Fall!

Sustainable Living Tips for the Fall!

With school back in session and leaves starting to change, we know that Fall is on its way! As we trade in our shorts for pants, and sandals for boots, it can be hard to focus on living sustainably in the face of colder weather. After all, shorter and chillier days will prompt us to use more energy to light and heat our homes. With this in mind, we’ve created a list of sustainable fall tips. Now, you can enjoy a cozy fall and be eco-friendly!


Tip #1: Preserve Harvested Food!

This tip is especially for gardeners but is also applicable to those without a green thumb. When purchasing and using fall produce, try canning, freezing, and utilizing as much of the food as you can without leaving any product waste behind.


Tip #2: Check Tire Pressure!

Colder weather can lead to underinflated tires. While not necessarily terrible, this can cause higher gas costs for your vehicle. But, by simply keeping tires properly inflated, you can reduce the amount you spend on gas this fall, and use less gas.


Tip #3: Take Care of Your Furnace!

Testing your furnace’s capability and performing routine maintenance will help you and the environment. A clean furnace is one that will work faster and take less energy to heat your house! So this tip helps you save money, and use less energy.


Interested in finding more sustainable fall tips? Check out the blog as we will be updating with more tips and tricks for sustainable living! Also feel free to check out our other posts, and the source article from this post.


Written by Madi Schallenkamp

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Source: earth911


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