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Travelling easier with baby?

Travelling easier with baby?
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Travelling with baby isn’t the easiest as any parent knows. I have vivid memories (I wish I could say fond!!) of being the last people off of the plane and pushing our several airport trolleys around at a snail’s pace, stacked to the ceiling with car seats, backpacks, diaper bags, etc., anytime we bravely ventured forth!

All of those things were necessary though, as we all have to make sure that we can look after junior properly while on the road, and without compromising health or safety. For example car seats save lives, not only in cars, but in the airline seats themselves should anything shaky ever happen.

There is one item we’ve come up with here at Pacific Baby though that might make the whole task of assembling and managing baby on the road a little easier for parents.  We’ve produced an insulated stainless steel bottle that keeps hot or cold up to 10 hours – and it’s very good to have on the road. We use food-grade steel, with a scale inside, and while the item comes with a newborn nipple you can also select different flow nipples, or sip spouts, straw tops or our standard drink top, based on the age of your child.

A lot of people don’t realize, but a mother can bring a baby bottle through airport security with liquid – they’ll check it, but they allow mothers that privilege. So the upshot is that you can keep warm water to use at your convenience to mix your formula on the flight, and you can also keep breast milk in our bottles for up to 8 hours. Once you’ve gotten where you’re going, it’s also nice to be able to carry the bottle & warm water with you while you’re shopping or sight-seeing, so that you’re not constantly stopping at restaurants and asking for hot water, etc.

These are rugged bottles that you can use for years, and recycle for second babies. So I’m sorry we can’t do anything to make that car seat more compact, but our insulated stainless steel bottles may make life just a tad easier next time you hit the road with the whole family! Browse our product section for more details.


Written by Cameron Honarvar, Founder of Pacific Baby. Cameron was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He worked in investment banking for several years. He spent time in Hong Kong. He's been in the baby product business since 1995 - spending 10 years as a retailer, 10 years as a distributor, and then 8 years now as the founder, along with his wife Lorilyn, of Pacific Baby. Lorilyn has designed many of the company’s products, and manages Pacific Baby’s marketing and promotional activities.

Presently, the Honarvar's run Pacific Baby, a line of natural and safe bamboo tableware for babies and kids, and getting their message out regarding environmentally sustainable and healthy feeding products!

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