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  • Plastic baby bottles and bowls are horrible – why?
  • Cameron Honarvar

Plastic baby bottles and bowls are horrible – why?

Plastic baby bottles and bowls are horrible – why?

I’ve never considered myself to be a ‘radical’ when it comes to environmental and health issues, but sometimes a little common sense can go a long way, and I’m often surprised at how many people don’t seem to think about basic issues that can affect our health or the environment. What starts me off today on this theme is a casual reflection on the use of plastic baby bottles, bowls, plates, and cutlery for baby’s breast milk, formula and food. Take a moment and reflect on a couple of points, which you don’t have to be a PHD to form a common-sense view…

Plastic, funny enough, comes from petroleum – that’s right, oil. From way, way down under the ground, bubbling and seeping between the rocks. After a bunch of manipulating steps, that bubbling burbling stuff that you put in your car will eventually bounce out of a mold as your shiny new bottle and/or bowl to feed to junior. Stop for a moment – isn’t’ that a bit weird? I mean…. Just conceptually? Now today the bowls are all BPA-free, which is great, but they’re not ‘oil-free’ (which would really interest me as a parent), because you can’t change that – it’s where they come from. Shockingly, these plastic items absolutely dominate infant feeding today – big name brands, 99% of whose items are all made from Mr. Oily.

Knowing this now, there are two very interesting and highly pertinent points I would put out there for consideration by all moms and dads…

Plastic’s Impact on your Health – did you know that up to 15% of all people on this planet suffer from hormonal imbalances that cause a host of problems? These include reproductive, circulatory issues, and even may be related to some cancers. While a lot of that is hereditary, there is a growing sense that a lot of these cases could be linked to the over-use of plastics to hold our food (meaning that nasty plastic chemicals eventually find their way into our bodily systems). We use fewer plastics as adults (we use glass, ceramics, etc.), but for babies it’s all 99% plastic – and they’re most at risk because they’re still developing.  It’s crazy – oil/petroleum = baby bottles and bowls – from birth until at least 5 years old. I don’t think we have to commission a major study to know that can’t be a good parenting / baby health strategy.

Plastic’s Impact on our (and your baby’s) Environment – I know people don’t think a lot about this, and it’s easy to put the depressing imagery to the back of our minds, but the basic and sad fact is that plastic takes up to 1,000 years to degrade – that’s right – if the last crusades were using plastic swords, they’d still be with us today – gulp. All this stuff goes into landfills, and so much into the oceans, and yes, while it’s out-of-sight, it is slowly killing us. Sad, and depressing, but unfortunately true. If you really want an uplifting moment, watch this video. 

So while I know plastic is cheap, everywhere, practical, etc., parent to parent, I urge you to take a moment and think if there’s another way. You know if we all started getting non-plastic plates and bowls and bottles for our kids, it would be one less plastic one produced for every alternative material we got. Eventually the industry would start to listen, and make use of non-plastic materials a higher priority for making baby feeding products – it happened in the packaged food industry, with a plethora of natural food companies now giving traditionally non-natural food giants a run for their money.

At a Pacific Baby we have our own solutions we’re trying to put forward – natural bamboo feeding plates and tableware, and insulated stainless steel bottles that are clean and recyclable – but here are other materials and brands as well.

Take a minute out of your hectic day, think it. Try to give your baby and our planet a little break.

 Written by Cameron Honarvar, Founder of Pacific Baby. Cameron was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He worked in investment banking for several years. He spent time in Hong Kong. He's been in the baby product business since 1995 - spending 10 years as a retailer, 10 years as a distributor, and then 5 years now as the founder, along with his wife Lorilyn, of Pacific Baby. Lorilyn has designed many of the company’s products, and manages Pacific Baby’s marketing and promotional activities.

Presently, the Honarvar's run Pacific Baby, a line of natural and safe bamboo tableware for babies and kids, and getting their message out regarding environmentally sustainable and healthy feeding products!

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  • Cameron Honarvar

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